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Never Let Your Online Presence Become Stagnant

Search engine algorithms are constantly being adapted to provide users with the latest content that is relevant to their search word or phrase.

In order to have a successful online presence, you need to ensure that your website is constantly updated with the very latest news and info that is relevant to your business, your audience and your industry.

Allowing your online presence and profiles to grow stagnant can be very damaging, especially where search engine optimization (SEO) is concerned. It is essential that you make the time and invest in the resources to keep all of your online properties fresh and up to date.

Adding new content to your website will certainly improve your SEO, but what about the rest of your online audience? With an effective social media strategy you can use your established online audience to help you reach out to a new audience.

Make sure that every time you add a new blog, new article or update to your website that you notify your online audience through email campaigns and social media updates.

You can use programs like Hootsuite to automate your social media posts, so your social media profiles can post out new content even when you are busy doing other things!

What Should I Write About?

First of all, before you begin writing, you should think about the keywords and phrases your online audience will use to find your website. Google offers a free keyword tool that will give you ideas and data on search frequency.

Once you know what keywords, related to auto repair and service, to focus on you can create content that is related to these keywords. Here are some ideas (click on the links) for you to think about:

Spending some time creating new content and promoting your posts through your social media profiles will help to ensure that your online presence does not grow stagnant. But, if you don’t have the time for Blogging, just fill out the form at our Contact page, and we’ll gladly show you how our Automated Blogging System works.

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