How to Advertise Your Auto Repair Shop Online Locally – Part III

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What elements of Universal Search are involved, or contribute, to being found all over the Internet and search engines?


  • What used to be “Word of Mouth Advertising”, is now, Consumer Review Sites. In today’s Internet age, most consumers seek online opinions or reviews, whenever they have a need to buy or use any products or services. I am sure at one point or another you have done it yourself, we all do it. Therefore, getting your customers to create reviews about your services is most crucial, especially when most search engines are showing those consumer review sites at the top of the search results. Many shop owners are afraid of negative reviews or comments, in some ways they are right to be apprehensive. The best way to counteract any negatives, is to have your customers add more positive reviews! I developed a system that makes it easy for your customers to generate those positive reviews. You will be able to see a detailed explanation and a sample of the material you need to use, when you attend our free webinar.  
  • First and foremost, create a Google Account that will give you access to all the free resources that Google offers.
  • Immediately thereafter, log in to Google Places (Google’s Local Directory and Maps) and Watch the Video it will make you realize how important this free resource is, and how it can help to grow your business. Also, make sure to click on Read Testimonials, offered by small businesses that have benefited greatly from this free resource.
  • We have already uploaded to Google all the basic listing information for all of our member shops. All you have to do is go to Google Maps and search for your shop.
  • If you haven’t already taken advantage of your free listing, claim your business listing by clicking on “Edit your information” . Once there, you will be able to create a web page with all the information and pictures about your shop. If you want to simplify it, copy and paste the entire marketing copy we wrote for your website with us. When you finish entering all the information. it will ask you to verify it, choose the “By Phone” option (snail mail will take forever) and write down the four digit code that it will give you to input in the phone when Google’s automated dialer calls you. Google will call you immediately with an automated dialer and you will have to enter the four digit code to verify that you are the owner.
  • The same procedure should be implemented in,,,  in that order. Why in that order? Those are the ones that appear most prominently in the front page of Google’s search results. You should also do the same procedure with Yahoo and Bing.
  • Would you like to see a sample of how well this works? Search in Google for “auto repair Culver City” and you will find Ed Little and Modesti’s shops showing in about 40% of the front page of search results. Those two shop owners followed my recommendations last year and they are now reaping the rewards.
  • Your website with us at OCAutoService Our directory appears on the front page search results of all three major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing (plus most others), whenever consumers search for auto repair or service in any of the cities we serve in So. Cal. When they click on the link, they find your shop’s website in two clicks of a mouse.
  • Having your own domain name for your shop. If you don’t already own a domain name for your shop, better get on the ball a.s.a.p.! Sites like our own (click on the right panel, titled Do It Yourself), sell domain names for under $10 Try to get a domain that will reflect your services and location. Unless you have deep pockets for a brand recognition advertising campaign that will make your shop’s name recognizable, stick to domain names that are easily searchable, like –  These types of domains also give you an advantage in search engine positioning.  
  • Having a professionally designed website is a MUST. All of our member shops that have a well designed website, including the one we created for them in our directory, and also links to theirs, have much better results. It stands to reason, you are getting double exposure in that giant spider web. If your shop needs a website designed, send us an email and we’ll send you some samples of the ones we have created, as well as pricing.

Next posting: How Google’s Real Time Search Can Help You Expand Your Shop’s Presence, practically for free.

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